After three decades working as a factory worker production in Penang, Saffar Noor quit her job and launched a perfume with her only son.

The single mother and her son Josafri Johari, 31 pooled all their money and opened a perfume factory Glugor, Penang in April 2007.

Josafri leave his job as senior manager of foreign exchange and manipulation of reserves of the countries of the Bank Negara.

The pair buy perfumes for Egypt and Malaysia in the bottle under their own label One Drop.

A collection of eight bottles is sold at RM40. And in just nine years, they have come a long way.

Their society One Drop Sdn Bhd has over 2000 resellers, with companies in Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Vietnam, Australia and - since December last year - Great Britain.

They used a perfumer, who previously worked at the house of Escada and Armani, and is now in Paris to create a new line of perfume for them. And the products are sold through dealers and distributors of over 500,000 users in Malaysia.

Saffar, 50, said she worked 12 hours and hours to do make more money at the factory.

"There's nothing to work for you and be your own boss," she says.

Saffar began working as a laborer in 1978, when Josafri was only 10 months and had to fend for himself and his patient, when her father left her husband a few years later.

His introduction to the sale began in the mid-1990s, when a friend asked me if she was interested in selling hardware tudung to her colleagues and earn a commission.

Saffar accepted as she did not know how to sell something, but leave the equipment in his locker and invite colleagues to check the tudung during their tea break.

She managed to sell RM150 and commission received in the first month. Saffar then started to sell other products such as cosmetics and perfumes.

Meanwhile, Josafri made a triple degree in economics, accounting and finance in Britain under a grant from the Central Bank of the home and an Egyptian-college mate, who was the son of a manufacturer of fine fragrances.

Saffar like perfume Josafri was the friend of the use and demand for some of them to sell.

Perfume sold so well that she called "agents" to other factories, hotels and hospitals to sell it. Now, success smells so sweet.

Credit : (29 January 2009)